Close Protection Services

Our experienced security teams work to the highest professional standards, blending seamlessly into family and professional life, enabling our clients to conduct their business in confidence.

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Private Household & Residential Security Team

Some Clients require specialist security support, and Close Security is able to help with Security Staff for your property and your family. Clients occasionally require a deeper need for security surrounding their day to day activities..

We can offer a comprehensive service for a wide variety of environments. Our staff have professional security screening as standard, and all staff are personally interviewed and carefully filtered by trained staff.

  • Personal Protection
  • Protective Surveillance
  • Family Head Of Security
  • Residential Security Teams
  • Security Drivers
  • Residential Security Audits

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Door Supervison

Quality Door Supervision for Public Houses centres on creating a good first impression, relationship building with your customers and upholding of your premises license.  We will work with you to ensure that your venue is safe and secure and your customers have the best possible experience.

Our Door Supervision services for nightclubs centres on providing friendly, approachable and highly trained staff to ensure the safety of your customers and the security of your premises. We also offer added value in terms of management support and specialist security functions in line with your requirements.

Our Door Supervisors are smart and professional in their appearance. Our uniforms are clear and identifiable and can be customised according to your requirements and the image you want to portray to your customers.

As part of our standard service we will represent you at licensing meetings and local barring schemes. We also have an exceptional working relationship with Police Licensing Officers across a number of Police Divisions and we also have a proven track record in turning around venues which have undergone a premises licence review.

If you are interested in our services we will be happy to arrange for you to meet with one of our customers with a similar nightclub to yours, they will happily talk to you about our services and we can also arrange for you to visit one of our sites as a mystery customer and speak to our staff to see the exceptional quality we supply

Hotel Security

Close Security’s experience has been gained through the management of security for a number of hotels over the years, such as, the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool.

We understand hotels need a certain calibre of staff who understand your customers’ needs; all staff are trained in customer service over and above their SIA license requirements.

The key to placing a good security operative within a hotel is quite simply in our experience down to very good communication skills, being smart and presentable at all times and able to deal with any potential situation in a very concise but calming manner. We have a pool of reliable and fully trained personnel, who are respectable and proactive; dealing with reception security, key management, guest safety and theft prevention; operating as an integral part of your front and back of house team.

Event Security

We understand that Event Security Operatives are often the first point of human contact that people have when they come to a festival or event, so we ensure that everyone gets a warm welcome from a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff every time

With many years of event security experience Close Security not only has the know-how on how well structured event security should be delivered but also the experience and outstanding track record that sets us apart from others in the industry

Most of all we believe in getting into the spirit of the event and promoting the message behind it.

Retail Security

We understand that each retail environment is different, from large out of town outlets and supermarkets through to busy high streets and bespoke stores, and therefore each security solution we provide is right for each environment. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to ensure that our security personnel not only perform their role well and have the right skill set but that they also fit well with the retail space they work in. We aim to always match our service deliver to your brand and uniforms can be tailored to suit your needs or staff supplied in plain clothes should your requirements deem it necessary.

As part of our service we can also supply radio communication systems that can link our staff to numerous premises or points within a large department store.

Static/Mobile Security

Security. Wherever you need it.

Sometimes you don't know exactly where you need reinforcement for your assets but know you need it! That's where we can help as we can supply manned security to be on hand and move with you throughout to give you complete peace of mind.

We can also provide a regular check-in service of your buildings so if you don't need 24/7 manned presence we can drop in every 2 hours to check everything is secure. This provides a very affordable security service for your business..

About Paul McLoughlin

Paul completed an exemplary 12 year career in the British Army, serving in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland.

After completion of service Paul then decided to move his interests into the close protection circuit where he served further four years in the middle east as team leader/medic.

Paul is a highly dedicated experienced professional within the close protection circuit. Gaining extensive knowledge and experience during a 12 year career in the British Army and over four years experience as a team leader and medic in Iraq and serving on the close protection team based in the British Embassy in Afghanistan 2010.

Paul is accustomed and experienced at working in "hostile conditions situations" in Afghanistan and hotspots worldwide. A determined, flexible, dedicated and resourceful "hands on" team player who works effectively as part of a team or independently using own initiative in often difficult and demanding situations, Paul has a full range of security qualifications and an extensive medical background and together with his experience is an asset to the company.

About Christian Greenway

Christians close protection career began in 2012 after 6 years in the British Army he decided to take that step towards becoming a private operator in hostile environments. He learnt so much in his military career but it was time to utilise his skills in the private security sector.

Chris managed to get his first contract in Iraq back in 2012 on a US government contract, this is where he gained valuable experience from the old and bold operators he was working with, from client drills, vehicle drills, kidnap and escape situations.

He had to learn and become a subject matter expert on an array of subjects including weaponry. In 2015 Chris decided to hang up his weapons and take the next step which was back home in the UK.

For the past year Chris along with his professional team of CPOs have worked and catered for a number of clients in various parts of the country from premiership football teams to TV and film personnel.

Chris & the team have every confidence in their company's success on every mission task we are assigned to.