With many years of experience in a variety of sectors and location we have encountered and successfully managed virtually every scenario. We pride ourselves on delivery a long-term and trusted solution to our clients.


We are a Liverpool based organisation working in many locations across the UK.


We have a tried and tested thorough training programme that ensure our staff deliver a first-class service. We currently look after many commercial properties and provide security in many locations across the UK.

Mission & Vision

Our philosophy has been to give value for money based on accurate and truthful assessment of our clients' needs. Our advantage here is the efficiency of our operation allied to transparent pricing with an open-book quotation policy.

We pride ourselves in avoiding the deficiencies normally found in the manned security industry. The constant monitoring of personnel and systems ensures the utmost quality and proficiency of our service to the client.

Emphasis is placed on our staff that they are a direct reflection of the client and importance is placed on diplomacy, communication and customer relations when dealing with any situation.

By continual training and assessment we look after the quality of the service we provide.

Our Ethos

Close Security is committed to ethical business behaviour in every aspect of the management and operation of our business and at all times without exception.

As part of this commitment, the company will not tolerate any action or omission by any employee or any other person or organization acting on the company’s behalf, that could, by any reasonable interpretation by anyone, be considered unethical or fraudulent or that could be viewed as malpractice, either commercially or morally.

Our Directors are ultimately responsible for fulfilling this commitment including providing advice, guidance and hands-on assistance with issues including health, safety, welfare, environmental, quality and employment management issues. We take account of the statutory i.e. legal and the voluntary regulatory requirements that may be applicable to our business, in the advice, support and documentation he provides and that we produce ourselves.

We will take appropriate steps to ensure that our statutory duties are met at all times with regard to the UK Acts, UK Regulations and relevant EC Directives relating to employment, health, safety and welfare, environmental and accountancy practices.

We consider that this commitment also encompasses our responsibility for protecting other persons and organizations with whom we are associated.