Prevention over Cure

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Keeping In Touch

We pride ourselves on being open and approachable. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your security requirements we will talk you through every step of the process. We can advise you on working within the parameters of current laws and regulations and provide pointers on things to look out for when choosing a security provider. We aim to provide as much help as you need and be on hand to provide impartial industry expertise.

Moving Forward

We have a portfolio of referees who are more than happy with the services that we provide. We can provide tours of suitable venues to demonstrate our stand out service in action.  We price competitively and can confidently suggest that there are few other security providers able to match our service and pricing in terms of the “Added Value” inbuilt into our rates. On requesting a quote you will be provided with a detailed proposal documenting your requirements and how we will propose to meet them.

Our directors are very much hands on and it would not be unusual to find one of them accompanying a member of our operations team when visiting your site.  On contracting with Close Security Services Ltd you will have one regular managerial and directorial point of contact. We won’t pass you from pillar to post; you can be assured of our best attention at all times.

Getting Ready

Our latest product has all the features you could want

  • Draw up a full list of assignment instructions, assignment overview and site specific documentation
  • Perform a full and exhaustive risk assessment
  • Assign a personal client manager from our managerial team, specially selected as a best fit for you and your business
  • Select a frontline team based on you individual requirements.

We will work closely with you and offer you the option to vet any prospective staff and see them in action prior to deployment. This way we can demonstrate the quality of our operatives and ensure you are 100% happy with your selection. We are not in the habit of making promises we cannot keep, or falling short of the high standards we set ourselves.

Ongoing Management

We have a range of on-going quality control measures in line with ISO 9001. These ensure that standards are maintained. These include but are not limited to: mystery customer visits; full site audits conducted by experienced professionals and regular review meetings.  All frontline operatives are appraised and we welcome your feedback during this process. This is one of the ways that we craft the most suitable team for your requirements.

Your client manager will work on your behalf. You will be provided with detailed reports on a regular basis. We will also liaise with organisations such as the Police, Licensing Authorities and HSE on your behalf as requested